Easy steps to prevent cyber threats, viruses

Apr 20, 2016

Internet users can get a fresh start with their online life by keeping all machines clean, purging their online files, enhancing security features and ensuring that their online reputation shines, says the Better Business Bureau and the National Cyber Security Alliance.

“Seasonal changes always have an impact on our lives ‒ whether it's the biannual changing of our clocks or swapping our skis for a baseball glove. It has also become the time to declutter and start anew,” said Michael Kaiser, NCSA's executive director. “Our lives have become increasingly connected and, with multiple devices, we accumulate digital clutter that needs attention.”

You'll want to make sure your devices are constantly updated for security and software updates, said Ashton Smith, an IT Specialist for Ribbit Computers in Wichita. Many software programs have automatic updates to make this easier on the computer.

Smiths said people should get rid of unused programs on their cell phones and computers.

“For phones, a lot of people download applications and then they never use them again. They sit on the phone and they constantly run in the background,” he said.

“You download a program. You don't use it anymore,” Smith continued. “It sits up and takes up space on a computer. Sometimes it automatically starts up with the computer when they don't need to. You can clean those out, but definitely getting rid of things you don't use anymore is a better way to go with it. It just keeps your computer running a little smoother.”

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Some computer experts say pass on Windows 10 install

Feb 03, 2016

Windows 10, the new operating software for PCs, has been out since July but not everybody is happy with the upgrade.

Microsoft is hearing some complaints and some local PC repair shops are giving some unusual advice when it comes to Windows 10.

Windows 10 does have attractive additions.

There's the return of the start menu, a settings app and an action center. But even though Microsoft said Windows 10 is running on more than 75 million computers worldwide, some people are still uncomfortable with change.

Chris Stinson is a technician with Ribbit Computers in downtown Wichita.

"They tried to bring back some of the familiar like the start menu, the file access, everything," Stinson said. "But it was the app feature that a lot of people had issues with." Stinson is still on Windows 7.

"At the present time I don't see any need, absolute need to upgrade to Windows 10, Stinson added. "I personally had the option to and I refused to upgrade to 10."

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Wichita woman loses $350 in Microsoft scam

Nov 25, 2015

Specialist at Ribbit Computers have seen several customers fall victim to the Microsoft scam.

"This problem has been around a very long time but right now is prevalent," said Stephanie Lamone, Ribbit Computers IT Specialist.

Don Ternes' 83-year-old aunt lost $350 in this scam on Monday.

"It makes me upset when people do what they did to her," said Ternes.

Ternes said his aunt was on a browser when a window popped up. The warning appears to come from Microsoft and advises you to call a toll-free number. His aunt called the number and stayed on the phone with them for an hour.

"It just seems like you have something really wrong with your computer, so most customers say, 'Okay, well I'm going to call this number to get it fixed,'" said Lamone.

Experts said the best way to avoid this is to have up-to-date subscription for antivirus software.

If you see a similar screen, Lamone said, "Just exit out of everything. Turn off your computer. Come to us."

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Ribbit's own Ashton Smith interviewed on KSN

Jul 15, 2015

Ribbit Computers' specialist Ashton Smith was interviewed on KSN regarding a local couple's ordeal with criminals attempting to hijack their Twitter account.

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Star of Meddys menu is fresh-cut meat from the spit

Jan 07, 2015

When you can see hunks of roasted meats rotating on spits in a restaurant's kitchen, that's a solid clue that you should order the menu items made with those meats.

That's certainly true at Meddys, a new Mediterranean restaurant that Ribbit Computers owner Alex Harb opened in September in a space at 7906 E. Harry formerly occupied by a Jimmy's Egg. The quick-service restaurant serves fresh Mediterranean dishes that are familiar to Wichita diners, spoiled by the culinary perks of a community with a large Lebanese population.

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Alex Harb interviewed on All Things Considered

Oct 28, 2014

Ribbit Computers' owner Alex Harb was interviewed on NPR's show All Things Considered regarding Sam Brownback's proposed tax cuts.

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Ribbit Computers launching smaller-store concept to focus on mobile devices

Oct 14, 2014

Call it addition by subtraction.

Ribbit Computers is preparing to launch a new-store concept, providing accessories, sales and service for mobile devices.

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Meddys will serve made-to-order shawarma, falafel and more

Sep 10, 2014

Ribbit Computers owner Alex Harb and well-known Wichita chef Jeremy Wade are close to opening Meddys in the former Jimmy's Egg space at 7906 E. Harry, near Harry and Rock. The restaurant, which Harb hopes to turn into a chain, will open on Sept. 10.

The menu will include falafel, kefta beef, chicken and beef shawarma, kababs, salad and more. The food will be prepared fresh-to-order, said Wade, who recently parted ways with Lakeside Club and is serving as Meddys' general manager.

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Ribbit Computers: Hopping Success Through Customer Service

Jun 22, 2014

Mr. Alex Harb came to the United States from Lebanon nearly 14 years ago with hopes of earning a college degree and eventually landing a job. The experience left him with more questions than answers about how he would accomplish those goals. His situation was compounded by the fact that he knew little English. He was raised speaking French as a second language. Perseverance was his most important attribute.

Overcoming obstacles, he says, was nothing new in his life because he grew up amid turmoil in his native Lebanon. "It gives you the survivor mentality," says Harb.

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SBA's Kansas Small Business Person of the Year, Alex Harb of Ribbit Computers to be recognized on June 17th

Jun 16, 2014

It's been quite a year for Alex Harb, owner of Ribbit Computers, LLC. His computer retail and service business in Wichita is growing, and he's in the process of starting two restaurants: a Golden Corral franchise in Raymore, MO, and a new fast-casual concept here in Wichita called “Meddys Mediterranean Grill”. To top it off, he recently attended the SBA's National Small Business Week in Washington, DC, as the Kansas Small Business Person of the Year.

On Tuesday, June 17th at 9:00 AM, Alex will be recognized as the SBA's Kansas Small Business Person of the Year by the Wichita City Council at the beginning of their meeting.

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